It has been several frosts already and my pears have never ripened on trees. Even those that windfall are not seeming ripe as I remember pears from my apst yellow ones on ground with bees going after the sweet flesh. Not so here. Bartlett and d'Anjou and possibly seckel pears. The bartlett have some rusty color to bottoms. Some of them are slightly yellow, most are greenish yellow, but without exception the outside skin is bitter (even the pears that taste a bit sweet to the inside flesh)--the taste is like tannic acid from an acorn. This is an older orchard we inherited upon buying a property. Trees are well established organic (did no spraying, saw no particular pests but fruit is all quite small, trees probably need some pruning. Our climate is quite dry but not dessert) Adjacent are apples and plums growing/tasting quite nicely. Is there something I didn't do? Is a soil test going to help? Thanks much.