My husband and I have a large garden every year that produces veggies like crazy. (A friend calls our back yard "the Napa Valley of Maine" because the garden does so well.) The one problem is with or corn crop: Wild turkeys come through and knock all the corn stalks over just before the corn is ripe enough to pick so that we only get short, half-ripe corn. My husband insists he just needs to make a better fence, but they fly right over the top of the existing one. All the "normal" stuff used for keeping wildlife out of the garden doesn't seem to faze these birds. (These guys are so bold that they tried to face down my daughter last year when she went out to shoo them out of the garden with a broom. The biggest tom turkey got whacked with the broom when he refused to back down, which finally startled the rest into running - and I wish I'd had the video camera handy to catch the action for America's Funniest Videos... lol)

Does anyone have hints on how to keep the turkeys out without forcing my daughter into 24 hour per day sentry duty?