My husband is addicted to lottery scratch tickets.
I've asked him not to take money out of our checking account for scratch tickets because we can't afford it. I've been out of work since February, (= 1/2 of our household income).
I've since noticed when paying our bills, he has been taking cash advances on his credit cards.
I talked to him this morning and showed him a couple of the credit card statements, pointing out the fees they charge.
For a $20.00 cash advance, it actually cost $32.00 -
$22.00 is listed as the amount in the "transactions" section and another $10.00 in the "fees" section for a total of $32.00.
He said he knows he has a problem and is addicted to scratch tickets, but didn't say he would try to stop or he needs and wants help.
How do I suggest he needs help, without hurting his feelings and/or upsetting him?