My English isn't perfect, but I'm going to try to explain my problem the best way I can.. I'ld be sooooo happy if somebody could help me solving it!

First of all, the situation at the table is as followed:

-Person A, B en C are playing regular Texas Hold'em Poker.
-Person A is the card dealer, B the small blind, C the big blind
-Ok, so A calls the big blind
-B also calls the big blind and C checks it, so the flop can be showed.
-A checks
-B raises
-C says all-in (he has the smallest stack)
-A calls
-B wants to be clever and also puches all-in (he is the big stack)
-Now A folds
-The turn and river cards are being showed and eventually C seems to have the winning hand.

Now my question is: Does C win everything what's on the table? Or does B has to get some chips too?

Hopefully somebody can understand what I mean so I can be helped out..
Thanks already!