Hey I need some advice. I'm currently a high school junior, and I am HOPELESS at mathematics. I've always managed to scrape by with 65s, and trust me its not lack of effort, I try really hard. All my other grades are over 90s, with the exception of sciences which are in the high 80s. Last year I flunked geometry, and I made it up over the summer and passed, but needless to say my math avg. is like a 68. My overall . Though, is an 89.5. I have to choose my classes for next year, and math has really pulled me down the last 3 years. Should I even bother taking it next year since its not required? Will colleges care that I don't have a math senior year, even though I'm doubling up my sciences? Would they rather see me take precalc and get a 65, or drop it completely and continue to work my butt off in other classes.
Thanks so much!