I graduated from in 1981 from the Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT). I am planning to get a MBA and need transcripts. The college has been closed for over 25 years, but through research I found that the transcripts were sent to Lawrence Institute of Technology (LIT) which is also in the Detroit area. So, I contacted LIT and they are the caretakers / owners of the transcripts from DIT, but no one could not find any of my transcripts. I was referred to the Michigan Dept of Labor who supposedly had copies of the DIT records also. However, Mich DOL could not find transcripts for me in the year I graduated, nor the following year.

If I didn't have my degree hanging on the wall and some old copies of course records and grades, I would be hard pressed to prove I even went to college!

It seems that I am at a stand still. Does anyone have any additional ideas that can help me with this?. Frustrated!