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    Mar 27, 2016, 07:37 PM
    bjele -
    You did a spectacular job of providing me enough information to fix my rolltop even though my problem was a bit different.

    My roll top’s tambour would not open all the way. It was like it was jammed from pushing all the way to the top, in the totally open position.
    • This meant the drawers were locked.
    • Fortunately, not all of the drawers were shut.

    Using your instructions I was able to do some modifications and get my tambour all the way open and remaining drawers unlocked as follows:

    1. Remove any drawer.
    a. For my drawers there is a small piece of plastic that is shoved through a slot. It is bent over to make it too large to fit through the slot. One is located on each side of the track.
    b. To release it I had to simply unbend the piece of plastic and lift the drawer vertically thus allowing the plastic piece to slide back through the slot.
    2. Once the drawer is removed, take a flashlight and look toward the back of the opening where the drawer had once been housed.
    3. Now, you can see the locking mechanism behind the drawers.
    4. In my desk, it comprises a vertical wooden shaft with cut-outs to engage the locking hook on the back of each drawer.
    5. Take a long stick or something and put it in the cut-out and lift.
    6. As it is lifted, open the other drawers.
    7. Repeat step #1 on the first drawer (if the first drawer was not the one you removed in step one).
    8. In my particular case, there is a plastic tube that fits in a hole on the underneath side of the desktop.
    9. This plastic tube is the mechanism that moves up and down as the tambour is lifted and lowered.
    10. This plastic tube is open at one end and has a flat rectangle at the other end. The open end fits in a hole and a flat rectangle is the part that actually moves the pivoting wooden “lift”
    11. The rectangle piece got caught on some wood and would not move. This prevented the tambour from completely opening.
    12. I simply took a long tool, reached in through opening left by the removed drawer and unjammed it.
    13. The tambour was freed up to work properly!
    14. In order to keep the drawers from locking again if the tambour gets jammed:
    a. I removed all the drawers
    b. Unscrewed the drawers’ metal hooks.
    c. These hooks are actually what is inserted into the wooden shaft’s cutouts to lock them in place. (located the back of the drawer and easy to remove with a screw driver)

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