(please see links at bottom for photos)

We've recently purchased this sofa (Natuzzi brown leather), and we're looking for some chairs to go with it.

We're avoiding leather for the chairs as the colour won't be the same, and we don't want to add cream or another colour as the armchair style won't be the same as the sofa (or the leather quality); so we're wanting something completely different that will hopefully complement each other.

We very much like these tub chairs, and were wondering if they actually go together? They custom make them, so we'd be having 2 slightly larger (1.5 seater) ones, with brown legs (to match the sofa legs), and we'll make sure the colour of the brown pattern reasonably matches the brown leather.

To tie everything together, we'd also get 2 cushions made up in the same fabric/pattern as the chairs, to put on the sofa; and may also get 2 brown leather cushions (reasonably matching) to put on the new chairs.

Is this a good or a bad idea? Any advice appreciated!

The only thing I'm thinking is that the chairs are round while the sofa is square; and the chairs will be relatively small/petite compared to the sofa. Also there's the mix of styles (contemporary sofa vs Victorian(?)-influenced chair style/design)...