I have a vintage (not sure if it qualifies as antique yet) Duncan Phyfe diningroom set I inherited from my mom. It was in pretty bad shape when I got it. I found an older gentleman who knew how to restore it. It looked beautiful when it was finished but now after a few years, all the chair legs are very loose and I am afraid to let anyone sit on them lest they break. Several people have told me to just use wood glue but I'm not sure that would be enough and if it doesn't solve the problem, may acutally complicate things. The chairs have these wooden supports in the corners just under the seat pads. They are triangular and have a series of grooves that look as if they are meant to line up with grooves inside the seat frame. However they do not line up and appear to be serving no purpose. I keep thinking these are key to keeping the chairs from becoming loose and wiggly but don't know how to make them work as intended. Anyone know about this, or better yet know of an experienced chair repair person who could fix these for once and for all? :confused: