Hi all - I will be building kitchen cabinets soon and am wondering what would be a good wood choice. I will be using the wood for the face frames, raised panel doors, and panels for exposed sides of the cabinets. I am also going to build a bench using the same wood fro the mud room which is off the kitchen. My wife and I really like the look of Alder. Currently, everything in our home is oak, and we definitely don't want to use that (too much oak as it is). Maple is also a consideration. I am wondering what you all recommend. I have read that Alder is a softer hardwood and can scratch easily. I have also read that is it not very rot resistant so it may be an issue in a wet place like a kitchen. Any recommendations re. Alder vs Maple (which type of Maple if you recommend maple, and same for Alder). Any other woods I should be considering.

Thanks for your help!