I am 16 years old &' I don't want too live w/ my mother anymore she doesn't take me serious like she should . She always get an attitude w/ me for noo reason &' I live in an unfit home right now though she's trying and I love her I can't deal w/ my sister hiting me like I'm some trick in the streets because I've learned as growing up that I should never fight my family &' I don't I have respect for a lot of people but living here will seriously make me committ suicide and I don't want to do that because I want to be something but I would rather live in a foster home then too live here where , if I say the wrong thing I get gone off on for noo reason . I don't want family counseling because it's not going too change anything &' if I do go too a foster home I just would still speak too my mom when I feel like it but I can't be in my sisters present ! But I'm really not going too keep going on but honestly every since my nana passed my sister has been brutally hitting me &' I can't take this lifestyle anymore .