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    Nov 10, 2013, 02:47 AM
    Could I possibly be put in foster care?
    My mom attempted suicide last year. Ever since then, I have felt emotionally scarred. I was going to kill myself at one point because of this but decided against it. Now, my mom can get away with anything and my dad will enforce whatever my mom wants just to keep her from trying to kill herself again. My dad hits my sister and I for not being Christian. Also, when I misbehave, my dad grabs underneath my bra and shakes me. He tries to touch my chest. This isn't often occurrences though. I really want to be put in foster care. I can't live with my parents any longer.
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    Nov 10, 2013, 03:54 AM
    Where do you live, and how old are you and your sister?
    Did your mother have any therapy?
    Can you describe a little more about grabbing you under your bra?
    If your father is being sexual with you, you need to tell a trusted teacher or doctor or nurse or guidance counselor. They can contact Social Services, who will investigate.
    Foster care is very often just as bad or worse than home with family. Too many foster parents are just in it for the money from the government. Your father would be charged with abuse. I'm not trying to talk you out of reporting this! I'm just warning you that it will have results you may not be thinking about.
    You need therapy too. Your school nurse might be able to help with this.
    I'm sorry you have had to go through this.
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    Nov 10, 2013, 10:03 AM
    Please tell a trusted adult about this. Social services will sort it all out and get counseling started which sounds like everyone in your family needs. Foster care is used when you and your sister's safety is at risk. Foster parents DO NOT make money as foster parents. They do receive a stipend/reimbursement for the services they provide. As a foster parent myself this money doesn't cover all expenses so the extras are covered by the foster parents themselves as they are able. Most are devoted to the children in their care, just like most birth parents. You and your sister would have a case worker and your own lawyer. It may never come to this and I just wanted you to know what may happen. I wish you the best!
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    Nov 10, 2013, 11:52 AM
    Anne62, I apologize for making it sound like most foster parents have unloving motives. When I said 'too many,' I meant that even a few are too many. And some really do skimp on a child's needs, trying to save something from the small amount provided by each state, and we all hear the horror stories.

    I hope you continue to answer questions on this site. We get many teens who are unhappy at home, and it isn't easy to sort out the ones who genuinely need to be taken from parents. When some of them realize that they won't have their cell phone bill paid and so on, they suddenly decide home isn't so bad.
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    Nov 13, 2013, 06:54 PM
    Iíve been feeling depressed and overwhelmed. Most of what I said is not true. My parents love me and have been trying to get me help. I have finally agreed to go to counseling. Thank you for trying to help me.

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