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    Feb 25, 2017, 12:47 AM
    Find the probability
    Lets consider n segments of tube connected in series, whose lengths (in meters) are modeled as discrete
    random variables X1, X2... Xn , independent and same distribution as P(X=k) = pq^(k-1), with k from (1,2,3.. )=N and q=1-p . For the problem in hand lets fix p=1/2. L is the total length of the tube.
    a) If n=400 , determine the probability that the total length of the tube is bigger then 820 meters.
    b) If n=400, determine the value of the length that is exceeded with probability 0.841.
    c) Determine the value of n such that the probability of length L is at least equal to 0.841.
    (HINT: Apply the central limit theorem)
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    Feb 25, 2017, 02:21 AM
    What do YOU think ?
    While we're happy to HELP we wont do all the work for you.
    Show us what you have done and where you are having problems..

    (HINT: Make some attempt on your own)

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