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    May 3, 2012, 07:53 AM
    false positive etg/ets urine test dr bill
    after completing 16 of 17 weeks in a outpatient treatment program and 18 successful urine screens for EtG-MS and EtS-MS, Avee Labs returned the following results.

    EtG-MS lc/ms/ms positive (Quant Value - 546 ng/mL) (Creatine Normalized Value 250) (Cutoff - 500 ng/ML)

    EtS-MS lc/ms/ms positive (Quant Value - 203 ng/mL) (Creatine Normalized Value 93) (Cutoff - 25 ng/ML)

    this test showed was on a Tuesday and the prior Thursday, most recent rehab meeting, my test along with 18 others were negative.

    I will take a polygraph that I didn't consume, ingest any alcohol, not one drop. I have a full timeline with children and other people who will also testify under oath and take polygraph that I didn't drink.

    yet, the rehab center insists I am guilty especially because of the EtS score.

    before the test I ate two slice of pizza and several cups of fountain root beer (Mug Rootbeer brand - soda). Could this sugar be causing it.

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    May 3, 2012, 09:16 AM
    All that can be determined from the values reported is that you were probably exposed to ethanol (EtOH) in very low quantity or that EtOH was produced endogenously (EE) by fermentation.

    The very concept of this test is so flawed that it very well could be that the consumption of pizza (containing bakers yeast) and the simultaneous ingestion of sugar (via the root beer) could have created both EtG and EtS. This phenomenon has been demonstrated by Thierauf, 2010 see below. Please note that in this research the EtS created was 7x higher than your reading*.

    There is also an article in a Legal Journal derived from a Massachsetts case.

    Of course when dealing with these low-level findings the sources of possible incidental exposure range into the thousands. As you will note via another study by Thierauf (2009) these readings "are more likely to be incidental than intended" and likely to be created by as little as 1g of alcohol in your system.

    Thierauf, A Forensic Sci Int. 2010 Oct 10;202(1-3)

    Mass. Bar Association, Section Review Vol. 12 No. 3 2010 See p.5 and Reference 19.

    Thierauf, et al Addiction. 2009 Dec;104(12):2007-12

    *NOTE: European studies report quantity in mg/L as opposed to our system of ng/ml

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