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    Sep 9, 2013, 12:08 PM
    ETS negative and ETG positive may not indicate alcohol consumption
    8/23/13 I tested positive for alcohol. I was given a breathalyzer that at the same time the urine screen was taken and that reading was 0.00. I am wearing a SCRAM Bracelet and it has NOT given any indication of consumption or tampering or even an environmental spike. I am very careful. I am not exposed to anything containing alcohol or the SCRAM would detect it.

    My test was sent out for confirmation and this is what came back.

    ETG 44000 ng/ml
    ETS negative

    ETS negative and ETG positive may not indicate alcohol consumption.

    On July 2nd I tested positive for alcohol ETG 22957 ETS 407 and I received a week in jail (I am in a drug court program). I have maintain that I am not consuming and when I got out of jail on the very next day July 26th I tested positive for alcohol again this time ETG 2497 ETS Negative (however my rehab counted it as a positive and I received a punishment of 8 weekends in jail and 90 days wearing the SCRAM).

    Due to this most recent test results my rehab did not count this as a positive and my weekends were suspended, but no one can help me find answers as to why this is happening to me. I know something is wrong with my body but I am not even sure where to begin.

    I am not testing positive all the time and my SCRAM has never gone off, nor have I ever blown on a breathalyzer.

    I am not diabetic; I am diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I also had
    Gastric bypass surgery in April of 2007.

    For the record my drug of choice was opiates which I have never tested
    Positive for thank god.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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