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    Dec 27, 2003, 09:11 PM
    Player Positions
    I would like to know where I can go on the internet to get an explanation of what each position on the team is supposed to do and the names of each of the position. Sorry, but when I am watching a game, I would like to know what each particular player does.
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    Jan 20, 2004, 03:14 PM
    Re: Player Positions
    Here is a summary and general description of each position and their duties.

    Quarterback (QB) - Leader of the offense, hikes the ball from the Center and either hands it off or throws a pass.
    Halfback (HB) - Lines up behind the Quarterback. Receives a handoff from the QB and runs with it. Usually quick players with the ability to break tackles. Can also receive passes. If they do not leave the backfield on a pass play, they are used as additional blockers.
    Fullback (FB) - Lines up between the QB and HB (not in on all plays) Depending on the team, used for either blocking for the HB on run plays or as an additional blocker on pass plays or receiving passes from the QB. Usually large strong players that can move quickly.

    Offensive Line-
    Center - Hikes the ball to the quarter back. Blocks for both running and pass plays. Always large players.
    Guard - 1 on each side of the center (Left Guard and Right Guard) Blockers for both run and pass plays. Again, large players.
    Offensive Tackle - Line up on the outside of the Guards. The Tackle that defends the QB's backside (Left Tackle for right handed QB's and Right Tackle for lefty QB's) are generally viewed as the most important offensive linemen.
    Tight End - (TE) Optional player(s) can Line up on the outside of the tackles. Can be one, two,or none depending on the play. Large players who can block effectively and also receive passes.

    Wide Receiver - (WR) 0-5 depending on the play. Very fast and agile players. Catch passes from the QB. Also do some blocking on run plays, but primarily pass receivers.

    DEFENSE ---------------

    Defensive line -
    Defensive Tackle - (DT) Inside defensive line. VERY large players used to prevent run plays by clogging up the holes. Also chase QB for sacks during pass plays.
    Defensive End - (DE) Faster defensive linemen. Prevent runs and get sacks. Usually faster and more mobile than DT.

    Linebackers -
    Middle Linebacker - Stops runs up the middle and may blitz the QB. Quick, strong players. Generally leads the team in tackles.
    Outside Linebackers - Same as middle linebackers but somewhat more quick.

    Secondary -
    Cornerback - Defends against Wide Receivers. Usually fast and agile. It is often said that Cornerbacks would be Wide Receivers if they could catch.
    Free safety - Quick agile players. Not as quick as cornerbacks.
    Strong Safety - Mix of Cornerback and linebacker. Usually strong hitters and good tacklers.

    There is offense and defense. If you have additional questions, including ones on special teams ask me.
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    Jan 20, 2004, 05:53 PM
    Re: Player Positions
    Just wanted to say thanks for the easily understandable explanation on football player positions. I love watching football but it is more enjoyable when you can really get into it . I appreciate your help.

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