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    Nov 29, 2015, 06:26 AM
    Learning Aikido philosophy without practicing Aikido and others

    I learned aikido for 3 months. I am really interested in aikido and its philosophy. But I got a problem. I can't make flying ukemi(a falling technique with jumping and flowing). Now, I can't return to aikido class because of my job. There are two questions I want to ask.

    (1) Can I learn Aikido philosophy without being practicising aikido? ( Although I know the basis of aikido movements but now I have no chances to go to class. And I think Aikido philosophy is really really useful in daily life. So, I think that I can learn and use Aikido philosophy in daily life although I am not practising Aikido) Am I right?

    (2) If someday, God give me chances to return to aikido classes, can I negotiate with my teachers for me not to do flying ukemi? Is it rude? I am a tall guy and sometimes have back pain problems. However, because of flying ukemi, I can't lose my aikido dream when I have chances.

    Please answer for me. Thank you for helping.
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    Nov 29, 2015, 11:05 PM
    Three months is not enough time to even know a basic knowledge. If you had three years of practice, This is also a art form, that can not be learned on your own. (while you can not really learn the others on your own, they have basic form Kata that could be learned with some self study.

    In three months there are 100's of moves you don't know, and while you can ask a instructor not to learn something, it is not realistic and silly, since harder moves, stack on the basics.

    If you want to merely learn philosophy, look at Buddhism (where a lot of this comes from) Since again without a good instructor, you can read about it, but not fully understand it, It is more than a philosophy, it is a lifestyle.

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