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    Apr 7, 2008, 08:16 AM
    Need to GAIN weight
    Hello, I'm a 15 year old freshmen. I weigh about 115 lb (53 kg approx.) and I am about 163 cm (not sure in inches/ft.). It seems to me as I am bone, flesh, and muscle (I am not a stick). I can call myself an athletic person.. I guess, because I have got the presidential award, I'm in the varsity wrestling team, 3 official events for track n' field (100m, 4 by 100m and 4 by 400m). I can do 22 pull-ups, and well you just letting you know that I am active.

    I've just got one problem... I want some fat. Well, not FAT, but I want a bigger shape. I work out A LOT, I work out at the gym, doing squats, benches, dead lifts, and the list continues. I work out at home, with a pull up bar, and dumbbells, pushups, sit ups, etc. As time passes, I always get to lift a lot more. But I see no difference in my body structure, I see the muscles and all, but I am still THIN. I'm not sure if this is genetic, and I'm aware that body figures is normally judged by genetical inheritance. But I was wondering, are there any ways to make my body BIGGER/heavier/bulkier (any other adjectives that describe what I'm trying to say.. )? Also, what I find weird is that I can lift more than people that are bigger than me... its just not fair that they have the bigger size body. And also, by next season (for wrestling), id like to be somewhere around 120~135 lbs. I've got about 7 months for that... I'm pretty sure it will all depend on my growth and so on.

    Sorry for keeping this long, I just really want the bigger body, not the thin but muscular type.

    **EDIT** I might let you know that during my wrestling season, I was wrestling for the weight class of 103 lbs (ya it was REAL hard). Anyway, would it be possible that all the starving from that could cause some turbulance?
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    Apr 7, 2008, 12:50 PM
    One of my best friends in college was on the football team, a linebacker. The guy had to eat 5 big meals a day. He got to where he hated food because he was eating it all the time... but his metabolism was just that high, and to get the bulk he needed, he had to consume lots of calories. He also was a gym rat... but without the calories, he wouldn't have been bulked.

    Me... I have my grandfathers frame, though not his height, which means I bulk easly with less work. The guy you hate cause it comes easier. It happens.

    My roommate in college was a skinny guy who could eat almost anything and not put lbs on. In his case I think it was genetic.

    If you want to look broader, think about what muscles you are working. Lat work (pullups, pulley work, rowing, reverse flys) can broaden your upper back and give you more of a "v" look. People tend to work the biceps a lot, but don't forget triceps work, as it's a big, long muscle that can really add definition. Likewise, hard quad work can make your upper legs look bigger, making your stomach seem fitter.

    And just be patient. The bulk of muscle mass I put on with working out was my sophomore year of college. Yeah... that's farther away then you'd like... and I was always a little broader than some, but honestly it wasn't until I was 18-20 that I really filled out... which kind of sucked cause there was a junior in my HS that was bigger than I was as a sophomore in college... but even if you do all the right things and don't get where you want to be... your body isn't done growing yet.

    Bang for the buck in my book is lots of lat work, quad work, shoulder work, abs for looks... but much of this you are doing. You've already said your routine, and it sounds like you know what's needed for the muscles.

    OK... try some other work. When my body doesn't respond to the workout I'm doing, I either assume I'm doing the wrong work (which is less likely now since I know what I'm doing) or my body is too used to the workout. Athletes cross train to keep their body guessing. Your body Doesn't want any more weight than needed... its against its nature. It takes more energy. More maintenance.

    So do other work. Do you have access to a heavy bag? I'm telling you... pound on that thing with hard jabs, uppercuts, crosses, body blows for a time and your back, arms, and shoulders WILL notice it. Not to mention it'll tax your breathing in no time. I love heavy bag work for the lats and shoulders. Not to mention it feels great to punch the crap out of something.

    Also are you swimming? Try some butterfly for a time and see it get into your back. I know... heavy weight is usually best for bulk, but I'm trying to get you ways to change your workout, since your body might not be responding to yours.

    If you don't have a heavy bag you can still hit those muscles using either weighted gloves or dumbbells. Using 5lb dumbbells and doing 4 sets of 8 hard punches (again jabs, uppercuts, crosses, etc) will get into you. I commonly do one of a variety of billy blanks dvds (tae bo stuff) and I almost always use dumbells for the punching work. Its makes a difference.

    Just some thoughts.

    Hang in there... in the end, even if you don't bulk up, stay fit and strong. If you can't get the bulk, get the definition... ab work, for ex. I know you want to hit a weight class and have the look to boot... all you can do is all you can do.

    At the end of the day you are going to be healthy and strong. That's a great way to live your life.
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    Apr 7, 2008, 12:55 PM
    Oh... and I forgot to mention... one of the best books I bought in HS was a golds gym bodybuilding book. It was one of the best resources for telling you how to do the move properly and how to change it up to hit other areas of the muscles... for ex, what a closed grip versus more open would do... what turning your wrists in versus out would do... etc.

    The body building book was just fantastic. It told proper form for max results. Those guys are in the gym all the time and want the best return for the workout. Something to consider.

    My book is probably 15+ years old, and I still use it from time to time.
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    Apr 8, 2008, 01:34 AM
    Thank Kp for your answer

    I think I will do more lateral excercises as you said, thanks
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    Apr 8, 2008, 03:02 AM
    ...but honestly it wasnt until i was 18-20 that i really filled out..
    Just from general observation this seems to be the case for most guys. It is amazing how much my male friends changed form the start of uni (college) to the end. Their body shapes completely changed and they all filled out. So I wouldn't worry too much, it might seem a long way away but the next five years of your life will go so fast!

    All the best!

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