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    Jun 30, 2012, 05:59 PM
    Red bump on goldfish
    I have a 900 gallons of fish pond in Florida. It has been 6 years raising my goldfish from 2 inches long to 7 t0 14 inches long now. They have been very healthy in the well water pond. Never had to use any medication until now I notice one of them have red bump on the side. But is seems to be active and eats well. My friend suggests I should use water softener salt for preventive measure.

    Another gold fish has some scales turned white.

    Most recently I have for the firs time used two new products:
    1. the ULTRA CLEAR SST ( with live bacteria for clarifying cloudy water.
    2. the MICROBE-LIFT ( for flocculanting the water.

    I wondered if these two treatments caused the above problem?

    Appreciate your help ASAP.

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