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    Jan 7, 2007, 01:05 PM
    Cloudy 10 gal. Fresh Water Tank
    Here we go I set up a 10 gal. fresh water fish tank up back in November,
    I have no fish in the tank.
    1) the PH was very high so I tried to get the ph down (still working on this)
    2) the tank has been very cloudy (milky) for about 1 1/2 months
    No matter what I do its very cloudy and the PH is some what high
    I did take sample of the water to a pet store
    Every test they did showed that it passed however the PH is still high
    At this point I have not got any fish for it.
    Until I can figure out what is going on

    Any ideas or suggestions?
    Oh on other thing.
    Thais tank was sit up a year ago and same problem so we ended up giving up
    This time I'd like to see some fish in the tank.

    Thank You

    Sam G.
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    Jan 8, 2007, 07:40 PM
    Hi there,
    I'd like to help you with your tank. First, I need to know everything you are adding to the tanks water.
    If you have a high Ph, I'm guessing you live in an area with hard water - Is this correct?
    What is your Ph? Do you happen to know the gh and kh of the water?
    Problem with taking your tanks water to the pet store to have it checked is that your tank has never had any fish in it, therefor it has not gone through the biological filtration cycle yet - a naturally occurring process that occurs in nature (unless you did a fishless cycle which includes adding clear ammonia to the water or fish food for a matter of months), they are just running tests on plain water.
    Fish create waste which causes a build up of ammonia (toxic to fish). Nature then comes into play by creating a bacteria to consume the ammonia - the byproduct of this bacteria is called Nitrites (toxic to fish). Then another type of bacteria is formed to consume the Nitrites - the byproduct of this bacteria is called Nitrates (not toxic to fish if kept under a recommended amount by monthly water changes and regular tank maintenance).
    I can help you out with understanding all this as well as walk you through the cycling process so that you don't lose any fish.
    We need to find out the reason for the cloudy water first since no fish have ever been added to the tank. It's important to know everything that has been added to the water to see what the deal is.
    Since no fish have been added, I may suggest emptying out all that old water and put fresh water in the tank. It wouldn't be considered starting over because there has not been fish in it before.
    Do you have a filter and air pump? Do you have any type of filter media that houses the beneficial bacteria like a biowheel or something? What kind are they?

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