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    Jan 23, 2005, 11:34 AM
    Zone Alarm Firewall
    I am running Windows XP Home with Internet Explorer. For PC Protection I AVG Free Anti-Virus, Ad-Aware SE to detect and rmove Adware, Microsoft Anti-Spyware,Spybot,and Spyware Blaster to detect and remove spyware.Do you advise me to also download Zone Alarm Firewall protection. Some say yes and some say no. I think its time to ask the experts. Thank you Fred NJ USA.
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    Jan 23, 2005, 12:58 PM
    A good guide to read is here at where different firewalls are reviewed.

    Your question on whether you should download Zone Alarm is a difficult one to answer.I personally have been using the 'free' version for many years,and am quite happy with it.
    I use Windows XP,and turned off the Microsoft firewall,which is activated by default as soon as you install Service Pack 2.Nothing over the top wrong with it,except it only stops incoming attacks,or probes.Where as a 'seperate' firewall,IE,non Microsoft code,will stop outgoing attacks as well.In other words,if something nasty on your PC is trying to connect to the internet,in my case,Zone Alarm asks me "Do you want to let Program XYZ connect to the internet?" Thus I have a choice.

    At the end of the day you have to ask yourself,if hackers,crackers,and loonies attack Windows (Microsoft code),would'nt you be better off trusting someone else's?

    All the best,
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    Jan 24, 2005, 07:23 AM
    You left out my key piece of info and that's how you connect to the Internet. In my opinion having a firewall is a good idea and absolutely necessary if you have a broadband connection. However, I don't feel its as necessary if you use dial up. The main reasons for this is that, with dial up, your IP changes each time you connect. Hackers are looking for machines with an always on connection that that can use for launching other attacks on the Net.
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    Jan 24, 2005, 07:35 AM
    This is a personal thing, and is up to each individual.
    I have used Sygate Personal Firewall, but got tired of it. I don't use any firewall now.
    I use Win98SE; dial-up phone line connection, and use most all of what you do for spyware, including CW Shredder, AdAware_SE, SpyBot, Spyware Blaster, and also CCleaner.

    Best wishes,
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    Jan 24, 2005, 12:25 PM
    Just like to say thanks to Fred.I knew nothing about CCleaner,till you mentioned it.Have been to the web site and installed it.I must be blind! ;)

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    Jan 24, 2005, 01:48 PM
    While having a slower internet connection and a dynamic IP will make you a less viable target, you are still a target. Compared to the software you are already running, a basic firewall will be relatively painless to install and run.

    Back when I had dialup, I did get a lot of connection attempts on various ports. Some of these could have been randomly misdirected traffic, scans, or connection attempts from windows viruses. In any case, I was glad my iptables firewall dropped them...

    Sure, a person who is out to break into networks would probably concentrate on high-bandwidth or highly-sensitive systems. But viruses and their ilk are not so discriminating... and it never hurts to be cautious.

    If you are running an unpatched windows machine with no firewall that is offerring network services to the world (most shouldn't), one of these nice little viruses could ruin your day without you having to click anything.

    Here's another example: Say a virus compromised your computer and set up a backdoor listening on your computer. If the firewall was not shut down or crippled by the virus, it would prevent others from connecting to that backdoor and having a joyride with your IP address...

    A firewall is just extra securiy. Set it up, it will make you happy.

    Personally, even if I only had a 9.6kbit net connection, I would still run a firewall...
    ... But I am often considered "paranoid" :)
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    Jan 25, 2005, 07:36 AM
    I have added my list of things to do and things to get, and I have added CCleaner to the list mainly because it's free, but Evidence Eliminator and Tracks Eraser Pro, both do the same thing and a lot things and more thoroughly, if a more thorough and in depth job is what you need, then I suggest those.
    ;) For Spy ware protection and general help cleaning up the computer and registry, Anti Virus protection and software download websites, old and new game downloads, CD & DVD Burning help,I recommend, the following files, as I have found 1 or even 2 is not always enough, as 1 may find something the others do not, so protect yourself with several programs, if may be a pain, but a necessary one.

    I have personally tested each program on this list and I had taken them from the top review sites around the net as ones already chosen as the top performers.

    Microsoft New SPyware program-Formerly Giant spyware, they bought it out.
    Spybot search and destroy
    Adware SE
    Aluria's Spyware Eliminator
    BPS Spyware
    Spyware Blaster, this one prevents certain items, before they are even installed, it does not clean
    Pest Patrol

    I would suggest at the very least 3 or more of the above programs.

    Registry and Fix and Repair programs
    Fix it Utilities 5 this one has an excellent Scandisk, better than the one with your OS
    Advanced System Optimizer
    Ace Utilities
    System Mechanic 5
    Registry First Aid
    Tuneup Utilities

    Any 2 or more of these.

    And download the Google toolbar with built in pop up stopper for your browser is good.

    And a good solid Anti Virus Program or 2, updated weekly.
    AVG Anti Virus
    Bit defender
    Etrust EZ Anti virus

    Also free online Virus scans

    I would suggest using 2 of these.

    A good defragging Program or 2
    Diskeeper Lite or Even better the full Pro version
    Perfect Disk
    O&O Defrag V4 Professional Edition 4.0.508
    MST Defrag

    Also run from Start/run type in chkdsk then let that run then type in chkdsk /f to help fix WinXP errors.

    2 Excellent Programs to erase your tracks and where you go online.
    Tracks Eraser Pro
    Evidence Eliminator
    CCleaner This one is free at but the above 2 programs do a lot more thorough cleaning job than Ccleaner, but itís good to have them all 3.

    Also use the below website, that tests and reviews some of the best programs out for many

    Different things, they give you side by side comparisons and rate each one in many categories.

    If you need computer parts try this website they are the best and fastest retailer, I have ever dealt with on the net, great service, delivery and solid competitive pricing.

    PC Security Checks

    Download sites for reviews and trying out new products

    An excellent program I canít do without, it is a Windows Explorer replacement, much better

    Old Games Downloads & Abandonware No cost, just get a password and join for free, itís loaded with older computer games and they rate them. more of an old game search engine strictly old Dos games

    Good Peer 2 Peer file sharing Programs
    These are all better and Safer than Kazaa Lite

    You can find all of the above programs with these 2 programs, but If you use them then please eventually purchase them.

    Also you can find some of the programs here
    You must download & install the free file Bit torrent.exe to download files 1st.

    Ares Installs 1 file that Spyware may detect, but itís just the program file itself, so ignore it. Good solid file sharing progam.

    WinMX Sometimes slower than Ares, but neither install Spyware or Adware.

    Bearshare has tons of items and is fast, but it loads down your computer with Spyware, Adware and who knows what else, but for that 1 hard to find file, they may have it, but beware of all the problems.

    DVD & CD Burning review, Help and Download sites mainly reviews DVD software A very thorough and complete website on burning. Another huge Burning website
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    May 30, 2007, 05:34 AM
    It up to you to decide weather or not you get it personal, but always remember the more you have of these programs isn't always better. Also make sure your not running 2 or more Anti-Virus Programs at The Same Time. Same with Anti Spyware programs to.

    It's good to see that you do have AVG anti-virus but you can also download a Spyware form of this as well. In my opinion I have Zone Alarm Security Suite which picks up a lot of stuff and a few spyware things that some other spyware programs don't pick up. Zonealarm also Autolearns what it can and can't do and which programs you what to allow to connect to the internet and place in it trusted zone for connecting. Also from Scott's advice if you have dial up you wouldn't need this program really. If you have Broadband then it your discission to download this program.

    Feel free to rate this answer

    I will say it again as some people do,do this. Do not run 2 or more anti-virus or anti-spyware programs at the same time. Co-cofliction could occur which may stop either program running detecting all virus and spyware.

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