I need help with a case study I'm working on for personal finance. I need help with the answers for the case study. I need legit and detailed answers for each question. Please help me out.
Here is the case study:Don and Kristen are a married couple. Don works as an engineer bringing home $50,000 per year and Kristen is a teacher bringing home $30,000 per year. They both have monthly college loans of $425 each. They rent a one-bedroom apartment for $825 per month. They have not done any financial planning – for current needs or looking to the future.
Here are the questions:
1) Describe two short-term, two intermediate, and two long-term goals for Don and Kristen using the “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” principles (Chapter One).

2) Using the “key principles of financial planning” (Chapter One) make three suggestions to Don and Kristen as they look at their current financial position.

3) Describe to Don and Kristen how using personal financial statements (Chapter Two) on a regular basis, will help them with their finances.

4) Explain to Don and Kristen how an income and expense statement (Chapter Two) will help them on a monthly basis with their finances.

5) Share with Don and Kristen the three “biggest budget mistakes” (Chapter Two) and what to do to avoid making these mistakes.

6) Describe to Don and Kristen the three problems with low interest rates (Chapter Three).

7) As Don and Kristen look at changing the bank they use on a regular basis – explain to them what the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation does for each person’s accounts (Chapter Three).

8) Don and Kristen want to invest $1,000 for one year at their bank. The bank is paying a simple interest rate of 5%. Explain to them how simple interest works and what they will receive after that first year’s investment. (Chapter Three)

9) Using the tax rate structure given on pages 92 and 93 in our textbook; explain to Don and Kristen what their tax liability would be at the end of 2018 based upon their current monthly incomes (Chapter Four).

10)After reviewing the differences between tax deductions and tax credits (Chapter Four), give two suggestions to Don and Kristen as they file their tax forms for 2018.