To keep a long story short... I am unhappy in my current job role as a research assistant at a University. I've been here 5 years and felt it was time to move on and use my experience to secure something I would be happier with.
I went for a job interview yesterday at a much more prestigious and research active University, it's a more senior role and I got the job..

The new job is twice the distance as this one I am in (an extra 2000 per year travel expense, I now realise)
The new job stated 'starting salary unlikely to exceed 24,000 (2000 more than what I am on now)

So... I'd break even financially but the place where I am now are funding my PhD so I doubt if I leave, they'll continue to do so. I could defer the PhD until I am earning more at the new place or ask about a higher starting salary to cover my PhD fees (1800 per year).

I am due to have a conversation about my new role later today with the new line manager. Should I negotiate a higher starting salary? I was so pleased that I got the job but having slept on it, I realise I may not be any better of (maybe worse off) financially !

Thanks for any advice.