Ok guys I have 4 questions to ask.

Question 1
I am constructing a balance sheet and I need help with missing numbers
Assets Liabilities
Cash 10,000,000 Accounts Payable is 20,000,000
Accounts Receivable is 250,000,000 Long-term debt is 400,000,000
Inventory is 120,000,000 Common stock ($10 par 10,000,000
Plant and Equipment is 325,000,000 1,000,000 oustanding)
Total is 705,000,000
Paid in Capital is 90,000,000
Retained Earnings is 185,000,000
Total is 705,000,000

Question 1. Construct a Balance sheet after a two for one stock split. What will be the new price of th stock?

Question 2. Construct a balance sheet after a 5% stock dividend. What is the new stock price?

Question 3. Construct a balance sheet after a one for two reverse stock split. What is the new price of the stock?

Question 4. Construct a balance sheet after a $3 per share cash dividend. What is the total cash dividend?

Here are the questions everyone... Please help