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    Simple Statement of cash flows, income statement, balance sheet
    June cost of goods sold is $11,750
    Ending inventory on June 30 is $7,350
    There is a $4,200 beginning balance in the Accounts Payable account on June 1
    Suppliers were paid $13,500 during the month of June
    Wilson earned $15,700 of revenue and sales of the fertilizer bags. $5,500 of the revenue related to cash sales and the rest were credit sales.
    *no beginning balance in the Accounts Receivable account

    Fill in the blanks

    1.) Statement of Cash flows

    ______________ _______
    ______________ _______
    net change in cash flow _______

    2.) Income statement

    ______________ ________
    ______________ ________
    Net Income ________

    3.) Balance Sheet

    __________ _____ ___________ _____
    __________ _____ ___________ _____
    __________ _____ ___________ _____
    Change in assets _____ Change in liabilities + Equity ______

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