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    Feb 25, 2009, 03:51 PM
    Show me the sales journal, purchase ,cash receipts cashdisbursements and general jour
    Show me the sales journal, purchase journal, cash receipts journal, cash disbursements journal and a general journal, for the following transactions.
    feb. 2 sold merchandise to S. Mayer for$450 cash, invoice #5703. Cost, $200.
    5 purchased merchandise on credit from Camp Corp. $2,300
    7 Sold merchandise to J. Eason for $1,150, terms 2/10, n/30, invoice #5704 cost, $700
    8 Borrowed $8,000 by giving a note to the bank
    12 Sold merchandise to P. Lathan for $320, terms n/30, invoice #5705 . Cost, $170.
    16 Received $1,127 from J. Eason to pay for the purchase of February 7 .
    19 Sold used store equipment to Whiten, Inc. for $900 cash.
    25 Sold merchandise to S. Summers for $550, terms n/30, invoice #5706 Cost, $300.
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    Feb 25, 2009, 04:05 PM

    Hi, wendaline blake!

    We do help people with homework on this site. But, the keyword here is "help". We don't directly answer homework questions for students here. If we did, how would that be helping them to learn how to come up with the answers themselves?

    This isn't some sort of UNIVAC where people just plug in homework questions and then get the answers. Everyone answering on here gives freely of their time to answer questions.

    If you use this site to get help with your homework, please do take some time to come up with and post what you think might be the answers yourself. If you do that, it's likely that you'll have someone very knowledgeable about whatever subject who'll be willing to discuss with you how and why your answers are correct or incorrect.

    Please also read the expectations concerning the posting of homework questions that can be found via clicking on the following link.

    Ask Me Help Desk - Announcements in Forum : Homework Help


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