I am a really thin guy, so it's not all that easy finding a pair of jeans that fit. Compounding the problem even further is the fact that there is absolutely no store I can find that sells men's jeans my size (24 waist, 32 length).

Lately I've opted to start wearing girl's jeans because they don't sag and actually give me some semblance of a butt. Unfortunately, most girl jeans I've tried tend to to flatten out my glutes and draw way too much attention to my pencil thin legs.

So, I've included a link to a picture of my butt in the only jeans I own that actually fit. Analyze my butt. Tell me what I can do to make it appear that I have one. What should I look for in jeans that would help out my butt specifically? Is there any particular brand of jeans I should go for? I'd rather have men's jeans, but I can settle for girl's jeans if I have to.