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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


Above the box where you type your question or answer, you'll see a variety of icons that you can click on to enhance or arrange your text, insert pictures, you would in a word processing program such as MS Word.

Hover your curser over any of them to see a description of what they do. The icons shown are the most commonly used text-effects and insertions. A complete list of vB Code options that can be used at AskMeHelpDesk can be found here.  

To the right, you'll see a group of "smilies".  Simply clicking on one of them will insert the smilie into your post.

Below the box are "Post Icons".  Choosing one of them will insert that icon next to the subject line after you submit the question or answer.

How do I add pictures and other file types to my post?

A. "Attach" files (including pictures) from your computer. This method puts the attached file below the text of the post.

  1. Click on an Ask or Answer button to ask or answer a question
  2. Compose your question or answer in the window. 
  3. Under the window where you composed your question or answer is a section called Additional Options.
  4. Click on the Manage Attachments button: a pop-up dialog will open. NOTE: The Manage Attachments dialog lists the maximum sizes of the various types of files that may be attached.
  5. Click the Browse button to navigate to the image on your computer and double click the file on your computer: this will return you to the dialog window.
  6. Click the Upload button.
  7. Click the link to close the dialog window OR repeat numbers 5 & 6 to attach another image. 

B. "Embed" image(s) from the internet. This method inserts an image wherever you wish within the text of your post.

  1. Click the Insert Image icon  above the posting window: A pop-up asking for the URL will open.
  2. Enter the URL of the image in the field then click the OK button.

Can I edit or delete my questions or answers?

Neither questions nor answers may be deleted.

Generally speaking, all questions and answers are permanant, however you may edit your post within 60 minutes of posting it and your title within 15 minutes. 

Please do not add or remove significant content within your answer, or delete your answer, if others have responded after it, as it could leave the others answers in need of editing.  If you need to add or remove significant information after others have replied, it's best to simply add a new reply yourself.

To edit or delete your answers, click the button by the answer you want to edit. Questions cannot be deleted.

If you wish to delete your post, you will see a Delete option after you click the button.

Excepting for posts that are against the rules, posts that contain language that is against the rules, or rare and special circumstances, we will not edit or delete content on Ask Me Help Desk.

How do I rate an answer?

Yes. In most topics, users are encouraged to rate the answer given by our members.

Simply click the button that appears under members' answers. This gives you the opportunity to say whether you found the answer helpful or not - and include a comment as to why.

Your rating, along with your comment, will then appear with that member's answer.

How do I report inappropriate posts or other activity?

1. Reporting inappropriate questions or answers:

Posts (questions or answers) that are offensive, insulting or otherwise in violation of the Terms of Service or Rules should be reported using the Report Inappropriate Post link, which appears in the top right corner above every post.

Clicking this link will allow you to send us a message with a brief outline of the complaint and will automatically supply us the link to the post in question. In the space provided, be specific as to what Term of Service or Rule has been violated.

2. Reporting inappropriate private messages:

Inappropriate Private Messages (advertising, spam, insulting or offensive comments, etc.) should be forwarded to an Administrator.

3. Reporting inappropriate use of other forum features:

Misuse of the site, it's features or other inappropriateness should be reported to an Administrator via Private Message. Click the "Send PM" button to the right of one of the Administrator User Names to compose and send your message. 

When reporting:

When reporting inappropriate posts or activity be specific, and factual as to what you feel is inappropriate, or otherwise violates our Terms of Service, Rules or typical use of the site.

Reports are reviewed by Moderators and Administrators and, if appropriate, action taken.

Do not use the forums to resolve the complaint.  Complaints of other Members on the forums will be removed.

What is the "Support This Member" button?

While the service provided by this site is free, donations to members who give valuable advice are appreciated.

If you find a Member's answer especially helpful - and/or money saving - and would like to show your gratitude with a financial contribution, click the "Support This Member" button to send an amount of your choice to the Member.

This will take you to Paypal, where you may send a payment using a credit card - or your Paypal account if you have one.

To activate this feature so that it appears with your posts, enter your Paypal email address in the Paypal Email Address of your Profile.

What is the "pay to call expert" option shown with some users?

Due to repeated occasions where folks have contacted our members offering to pay for more in-depth (or more timely or more personal, etc.) help that can only be gained with a one-on-one call, we have added functionality to AskMeHelpDesk that facilitates this; via Skype and Paypal.

Members who are available for this service have their per-minute rate, along with links to Paypal and Skype, in the user information pane that appears to the left of their posts.

For more information about this feature, and how it works, click here.

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