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Why does she keep teasing me? Does she like me?
Asked by Josh_2000, Yesterday 09:26 PM in Teens
She keeps on following me around on campus. Kind of scary how I look around and then there's her. She waves at me and shouts my name repeatedly...
Should I become her friend even if people may judge?
Asked by Maddie_dako, Jan 16, 2017 09:35 PM in Teens
I've been acquaintances with a schoolmate for a long time. We're not "close friends," though; still, we occasionally text each other, and I have her...
What should I do about this?
Asked by helen4, Yesterday 08:44 AM in Relationships
A little background before I start. I am a divorced woman and was on a site called Adult friend finder. AS I was there I discovered someone who I...
How to tell someone that I don't like them anymore?
Asked by blah21, Yesterday 02:07 PM in Dating
I had crushes on like 3 people in October, and I gained some confidence, so I told one of them that I liked him in Novemberish, I see him @ school...
After thirty years of marriage I found out my husband cheated while we were engaged
Asked by Port Colborne, Jan 16, 2017 08:32 AM in Marriage
I found out my husband of thirty years was sleeping with someone for many weeks while we were engaged. Things are finally making sense now. When he...
Should I Tell him.. that I like him?
Asked by broken_ heart, Jan 29, 2016 12:26 AM in Relationships
I know this guy from 8-9 years.. He was my colleague and now only a friend. He lives and works in different country. But whenever he comes to my...
Is this a friend?
Asked by foreverromantic, Jan 14, 2017 05:42 PM in Emotional Wellbeing
About a year ago I met another senior lady. We are both very active seniors; looking a lot younger , etc. Anyhow, in the beginning I thought we...
Do you exaggerate or make up stories to look better with friends?
Asked by JFBT, Jan 13, 2017 09:47 AM in Teens
Social lies may or may not be common and I would like people to please answer briefly. Please also write the numbers of all that may apply to you...
Why is my 18 year old so mean and nasty to me?
Asked by enigmaroxie, Nov 26, 2011 05:37 PM in Parenting
I have a son who just turned 18, and I'm just beside myself because I don't understand why he calls me the nasty names that he does, or why he hates...
How should I talk to my boyfriend about being open regarding texting other girls?
Asked by rsusan891, Jan 10, 2017 12:37 PM in Teens
My boyfriend Paul and I have been dating for a year and a half now and have been working on our communication lately. The other day, I saw that there...
My best friend got permission problems!
Asked by jaweriyazulfi, Jan 8, 2017 02:38 AM in Other Family & People
So this is a friend of mine who had a boyfriend and was caught, about 2 months have passed her parents won't allow her to go to school at first for a...
Dating someone with extensive emotional baggage? (Or so it seems)
Asked by vapedad1996, Jan 7, 2017 12:47 AM in Relationships
Ok, bear with me! I apologize in advance for how long this is going to be-- I am 20 years old (female), the person I'm interested in is a 24 year...
I need help and advice. What do I do?
Asked by j2237806, Jan 9, 2017 01:57 AM in Relationships
Hi there. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 11 months now. He's 31 and I'm 21. He has 3 kids with a woman he was with and takes care...
Is it really as bad as I see it?
Asked by momma5, Jan 4, 2017 05:41 AM in Marriage
Me and my husband have been going through our fair share of stress due to a previous job. On top of that, he came out to me as bisexual about 3 years...
Best Friend like my husband
Asked by killdagina, Jan 3, 2017 02:13 PM in Other Family & People
I think my best Friend might like my husband but Im not to sure. She gives him dirty looks. Always asking to hangout with us early in our...
Loss of my only child my son
Asked by A rod138, Jan 2, 2017 03:45 PM in Bereavement
My son died 4 months ago in a tragic car accident I don't know how to cope with this who can help me I can't focus on life with a future and don't...
How to end relationship?
Asked by Silvermist, Dec 28, 2016 02:44 AM in Relationships
I want to break up with my boyfriend he scares me when he's angry and just generally make me feel very low. The only problem is he threatened to do...
Three month old baby daughter is constipated
Asked by Chuckybaby54, Dec 29, 2016 08:25 PM in Children
Three month old baby daughter is constipated
Trying to figure out this about long distance relationship
Asked by LadyLuckyy, Dec 25, 2016 03:44 AM in Relationships
I met a guy online and I'm feeling upset about the contact frequency? This is what annoyed me a lot: I met a guy online a month ago. We cammed for...
There is a girl I like in school and I don't know how she feels about me.
Asked by qais3345, Dec 20, 2016 12:41 PM in Relationships
There is a girl I like in school and I don't know how she feels about me. She always said that I'm a gentleman and I'm one of the best guys that she...

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