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What is your opinion on someone that is obsessed with guns?
Asked by DoubtMel, Aug 12, 2018 10:27 PM in Other Family & People
Hello, I have been seeing this guy who is interested in me for a while now. He even talked about marriage with me in the future maybe if it goes...
What happened to the question I posted yesterday
Asked by JO ANN 1, Aug 15, 2018 04:14 AM in Other Family & People
My sister's husband was part of a Family Trust whereby they received periodic payments. His brother administers the Trust, and he told Don to write...
I need a manís opinion on this. Am I overreacting? Should I get over it and move on o
Asked by anonymous2018, Aug 13, 2018 03:04 PM in Other Family & People
WARNING- disturbing content. My boyfriend, let's call him Stan- 26 years old, has a friend named Aaron- 26 years old. They have known each other...
Should I ask my crush out?
Asked by SomeRandomTeen, Aug 9, 2018 07:51 AM in Relationships
And before you answer yes I need to say a few things. So we have just moved to a new school, I have only 5 girls in my class (Including my crush) I...
What should I say to her/ them?
Asked by wrestling97girl, Aug 8, 2018 10:54 PM in Relationships
So I’m working at summer camp for the summer and my roommate here has a huge crush on a guy who she’s known for years and who I work with here some...
Am I being emotianally abused?
Asked by J_Julie, Sep 17, 2017 09:00 PM in Emotional Wellbeing
I am currently 16, I am going to state all I can, so sorry if this is a long post, I just need advise. I have grown up in a Christian home. I don't...
Looking for a brother who was adopted before in the montreal area around 1963
Asked by jim123123123, Jan 10, 2018 11:52 AM in Adoption
Looking for a brother who was adopted from where we were put after our mother committed suicide, this would have been around 1964 in Montreal Quebec....
Which types of the activities are doing the senior community?
Asked by calamar, Aug 1, 2018 11:19 PM in Seniors
Which types of the activities are doing the senior community?
Grave marker
Asked by Nessb, Jul 31, 2018 10:35 AM in Other Family & People
What does TEC 5 792 AAA AW BN CAC MEAN
Proper etiquette
Asked by TimWentz, Jul 30, 2018 05:34 PM in Personal Growth
Is it proper etiquette to disclose to a School Class who is attending a class reunion?
I've always felt like an outsider and don't want to feel this way anymore?
Asked by WillsnAlly, Jul 30, 2018 02:52 PM in Emotional Wellbeing
I'm 24, I have a job and I still live at home with my Mum, as she and my Dad have been divorced for a while now. While it might seem like I have it...
Stealing from work
Asked by dmp55, Jul 25, 2018 04:21 PM in Relationships
My now ex husband is stealing from work. Actually, he pretty much always has taken small items, but it is much more now than it was. There are at...
I need help
Asked by Autumn05, Jul 23, 2018 08:06 PM in Teens
Ok so I have a crush on my best friend, but I'm in the friend zone obviously. We were friends before I started crushing on him. We still are friends...
Why do I as a 13 year old cry for no apparent reason
Asked by Grace2005, Jul 20, 2018 01:55 AM in Teens
I am always crying and have no idea why. I started when I was about 11 years of age and nobody knows why. I was on depression pills when it first...
I want to move to my mom's house but my dad doesn't want me to what do I do?
Asked by sealwolfpup, Jul 23, 2018 12:30 PM in Divorce
I'm thirteen and I need help, my dad doesn't want me to move with my mom but I really want to. The day I told him I wanted to move he yelled. What...
Is she cheating with me ?
Asked by Vater, Jul 22, 2018 02:07 PM in Relationships
So I have girlfriend . She is these days behaving lottle bit akward . Whenever I ask something she never answers or she lies. I have no problem with...
Asked by Unknown14, Apr 26, 2018 02:46 PM in Teens
Does anyone know what the legal age to have sex in australia is? Hypothetical question if you are at legal age to have sex and someone come into...
Guarded speech
Asked by foreverromantic, Jul 17, 2018 06:42 AM in Emotional Wellbeing
I sometimes have lunch with a lady in my building. She has always been "very guarded" about how she speaks to me. I do not know if she speaks...
Finding family
Asked by losflaco2003, Jul 13, 2018 09:29 AM in Other Family & People
My dad fathered other children by another women. My dad confide in my late husband. Now they both passed how can I find them?to little community she...
A boy touched my grandson innapropritely at safety town both are 5 years old the boy
Asked by crystalvanorman, Jul 12, 2018 02:02 PM in Parenting
Should my daughter tell teacher so they can be separated or not send him back? But still call teacher and tell her so he can't do it to anyone...

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