I have been paying child support in Texas on a child and to the attorney generals office for many years. They know I am not the father of this adult child because the bio-father had a dna test done that was 99.9% positive he was the father, I gave them a copy of the test at a court hearing to make me pay more since the child support and afdc is deep in the arrears. The judge told me I would have to pay or go to jail since I signed to pay in the divorce papers not knowing I wasn't the father. I have recently been laid off from my job and haven.t been paying anything. They sent me a letter the other saying if I didn't pay the 32,000.00 in back child support and afdc they were going to suspend my drivers license and take further legal action. Would it help if I filed for a dna test especially since the child is a adult now? I have never seen nor had any cotact with this child but have paid probably 20,000.00 in child support over the years. Someone please help!