Ill try to keep this a short as possible.

7 months ago I came home from work to a note from my wife. Her dad and her had concocted a plan for him to drive here and take her and our kids to their house out of state.

I called the police, nothing they could do. I called family services and was told "a custodial parent has the right to take the kids wherever. Get a lawyer"

The kids are finishing up school next week and I want to bring them back here, but Im getting a lot of backlash from her. Stuff like "well Ill have to check their schedules" (shedules for kids under 8? ) and "I dont know about that, we'll see."

Our basic marital problem is where we live. She hates it here and wants to live close to her parents (what a fantastic reason to break up a marriage :rolleyes: )

Anyway, what rights do I have to go get my kids? She doesn't even work from crying out loud. I send her money for stuff she needs. Yet she wants to tell me where we should live, but that's a completely different story.

Neither of us has been to a lawyer as I assumed eventually things would be resolved.