I only recently learned that my ex-husband and one of his subsequent wives got my daughter adopted by his wife and I was neither contacted nor told of this and certainly never would have approved it. It appears that they lied and said that I had abandoned her which is totally untrue. He eventually got custody (long story) but I was, of course, granted visitation. However, every time my new husband and I tried to do any visitation, my ex either was not home or had a doctor's excuse to prevent us from doing so. I also learned that he lied to her telling her I was dead and intercepted all cards, gifts, etc. to her. I am not sure how old she was when this "adoption" took place, but we were reunited when she turned 16 years old. Apparently a new birth certificate was issued and lists my ex-husband's wife as the mother. What is the statute of limitations on this for me filing a lawsuit against them?