I live in Oregon. I moved out here to live with my boyfriend in 2010. I have never paid rent but did what I could to help with food, did all the 'housewife" stuff, plus everything else he ever wanted to do. We argued about money, but Im in school and paying all my bills. He cosigned for a car for me, which I make all the payments and insure. He also got me a motorcycle, that is in his name but I too have made all the payments. Over a stupid comment my son made, (my son moved in with us in Nov or 14) he is now saying I have 30 days to get out. He knows I cannot afford rent, due to the expense of my bills, including my vehicles. My motorcycle, he uses as leverage and means to control. He's already hidden the key from me, and I've already had an attorney tell me I can take it still. Just wanting to know what other rights I have. Stupidly, I believed we would be getting married and I allowed him to get me the vehicles tapping me out financially. We live in a house that he purchased. My name is on nothing here, but have equally lived in it for the past 3 years... this Oct makes 4yrs