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    Jul 11, 2007, 06:22 AM
    What rights do I have, common law relationship, Ontario, Canada?
    I have been in a common law relationship for over 16 years and left her 6 months ago. We have 2 children together ages 14 and 8 almost 9. I purchased a condo 7 years ago and the deed is in my name alone. I have been paying for all household bills and condo fees as well as the groceries. She has not worked for over 12 years and the child tax credit go towards maintaining her personal credit cards and in the meantime I have not even been able to maintain the minimum payments on my own personal credit cards. I need to know, can I sell the house even though she is still in the house with the kids. She has made no effort to even seek employment since I have been gone and up until last week I have continued to pay for all expenses in the household, so my kids don't go without. This is the first time in many years I have not been able to make a payment on my mortgage or condo fees. I am broke, I cannot even get my own apartment so that I can see my kids on a regular schedule and have overnight visits on weekends. What do I do? I have offered her 50% of the proceeds of the home, but when I go over to see my kids she runs a hides in the house. Locks herself in the bathroom or basement until I leave. She has had her bags packed for over 2 years now and has not made any attempt or effort to move out. The kids see the packed suitcases everyday. HELP ME PLEASE.
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    Jul 11, 2007, 06:42 AM
    Hello broken dude:

    I don't know about our good neighbors to the north. But, I don't see the courts up there treating a father/home owner much different than they would down here. Actually, they might do better. But, if you never get in front of a judge, you're screwed!

    This all goes to say that you need representation. You needed it years ago, and you probably forwent it because you didn't have the money. It was a shortsighted move. Don't be shortsighted again.

    I know, I know - I heard you - you're broke. That doesn't change anything. Do you want to be broker??

    If you shop wisely, you'll find someone who you can work with. There are an awful lot of unemployed lawyers.


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