I have a 3 almost 4 year old daughter. Her father was in the military while he was getting her every other weekend for visitation. He has now moved back home to California, and wants her every other summer. She hasn't seen him in almost a year and from what I think she doesn't remember him. I don't want to send her 3000miles away seeing as I'm in NEw York to a person that she doesn't remember.

He keeps threatening to either take my to court for full custody or signing his rights over cause I don't want her to go out there. I want him to sign his rights over but some people tell me that if he does, I'll stop receiving childsupport from him, in which I can't do that cause that is what helps me support her seeing as I'm a single mom.

Just wondering if anyone knows if he does sign his rights over will I loose my child support or not?