I think I have the correct information, but want to be sure.

I pay child support for my kid based upon the Income Shares Model that Arizona uses. The order was signed by the judge about six months ago.

Now the father contacts me and asks for more money in addition to the child support for my son's extracurricular activities that he enrolled our child in over a year ago. He is asking for half of the costs of the activities, going forward, claiming that the cost was never figured into the child support amount.

As I understand it, the Income Shares Model assumes that the amount of child support is to pay for more than the bare necessities, but also for hobbies, trips, after-school, and extracurricular activities. This is not an "extraordinary" child, with any special needs nor does he attend private school or anything of the sort. I have always assumed the money I pay is to take care of my child, period. I do not question why a 7 year old is getting $22 haircuts when I get $12 ones, that is dads prerogative as to how he spends the money.

Is there any legal credibility to his request? I do know that it does not constitute an on substantial and ongoing change, since the monthly amount he is asking for does not amount to a 15% deviation from the current support amount, but if I'm mistaken about what I pay is supposed to cover, I would like to know.