I live in Houston TX, & I haven't seen my 2 daughters in a year their last words to me & my wife were "we dont want to be part of this family".They don't like the fact that when they come over on their bi weekend visits they have rules and restrictions to follow (language, chores,appropriate clothes,music,shows,movies,etc... ).This is the second time they have done this to me in the past 2 and a half years,I have been laid off since June of 09 and they take child support out of my un employment and to make that worse congress has stopped all extended un employment benefits and now back pay is starting to pile up.All this for 2 ungratefull kids that I bent over backwards for and tried to show good examples and morals,but they rather have the freedom and the everything opposite of being provided the best at their moms.Finacially they are taken care of at their moms and it isn't fair that my wife and her 2 kids that haven't turned their back on me have to suffer.What are my options is signing my rights away my only choice if I want to stop paying child support?