I need info on how to advise a 16 year old girl on getting help and relief from an emotionally abusive mother. She does not received regular medical care, is berated, told how worthless she is, etc. and is regularly blamed for anything that goes wrong in the mother's life. This has gone on for as long as anyone can remember. She has tried to reach out, to the one doctor she saw a few months ago and to her school counselor. With the doctor, the mother barged in and started yelling about how she was a liar, etc. She then threated her about telling anyone else. She has threated her with physical violence, but I don't know if she has ever carried out the threat. She said that she was told that she would need proof. The doctor nor the school counselor reported the problem.

I need info on Washington state law and where she can turn and get help, as she probably has only one shot at getting it right. If not, the mother will know she tried to get help and then who knows what will happen. I'm in CA with an ill husband, so we can only do this via the internet.

Thanks so much!