My grandchild got took by dss in greenville sc because my daughter was on drugs an ddrugs was found in the baby systems I live in lawndale ca how do I get temporay,guardianship,or custody of my grandchild which one would be easier and quicker she is in fostercare now for 4 months and can an stanger who is not family to me or my daughter or my grandchild get her over me I'm the grandmother its an lady trying to get her why I don't know but I know of her and she ahs an husband who mess with little kids how do I stop this they have never called me and I have called over and over and no one has returned my phone call but they have did an home visit on her to get her okayed to get my grand cghild is this even legal how can she have more rights than me to my own grand child and these dss worker has never called me 1 time not 1 to to an home visit or ask an question can an file an complianr and file suite against them this is totally wrong I do have rights here I'm the one who called and told thwm to go get the child because she was on drugs I went to sc to get the child but she hide from me I left after a week to come back home and called dss and it took two months to get the babk and the daddy he is in jail they are still looking for her still what to do I need some help