I am a California Resident and have a 14 month old son who was born and is being raised with me in California. I currently live with my boyfriend who is also the father of my son. The relationship is not a good place for me and I have been very unhappy for over a year. I pay for half of our rent, half of our utilities, half our food, all my bills, and all of our son's financially needs from medical bills, food, diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, bottles/sippy cups, and part time childcare. My boyfriend/father of my son barely ever contributes time with our son, refuses to change diapers, refuses to wash anything form of dishes that our son uses, won't feed our son, does not contribute any money to anything for our son, etc.. I have no family where we currently and all my family lives out of state in Indiana.

Do I have the right to move with my son back to Indiana to live with my mother?