Hi Scott,
I am sending this update. We attended our hearing last May 11th, 2012. It was continued for a later date but not until after the mother's lawyer had two representatives from child support and a child therapist bare testimony against me. The child support agency reps testified that I have been later and have $2000 in rearranges but have been making payments to both my current support amount and the rearranges. They also said that I haven't turned in any of my address changes or employer changes which is not at all true! They said in fact that the mother turned that information in which is an absolute lie! What can I do about this? I have no idea how to get a witness testimony stricken based on false witness.

They also brought a therapist who has been seeing my daughter since the mother was served with the motion to modify the visitation order. Conveniently, the therapist has never contacted me nor was I ever made aware of my daughter even seeing a therapist. If I'm not aware of this then I can't request these records which is still my right to do. This therapist testified that the daughter does not have a relationship with the dad which is absolutely false!! The testimony was very bias. Again, how can I have this testimony stricken from the record? Please help me!!

Thank you.