I am a divorced father. I have been divorced almost 4 years now. My ex-wife, by default, was awarded sole legal custody and we both have joint physical custody of our daughter. This entitles me to visitation as has been set forth in our Parenting Times Agreement.

However, over the course of the years since this divorce happened, there has been a steady decline in cooperation with this agreement (court ordered visitation) on her part. I have also experienced long periods of no phone contact after trying desperately for weeks (sometimes even months) to reach my daughter. Two years ago, I moved for a better work opportunity and to remarry. I have worked very hard to stay in close contact with my little girl since the move over 1550 miles away from her, including making planned visits back to see her only to have that visitation denied upon arrival and all phone contact cutoff for months at a time!

My daughter has also made and asked some very "age inappropriate" statements and questions regarding me "lying to her" and "moving away because I love my new wife more than her and to make her sad". She was sure to say "mommy was telling her those things".

I have since filed for a visitation modification because of the steady decline of my relationship with my daughter due to these damaging actions. It was made known to me by the ex-wife that she is going to prove me an "unfit father" and take her away from me for good.

Even though I have had a brief issue with drug use for a couple months time earlier in the failed marriage with this person (sober for years now) and have struggled to keep up with my child support, I have managed to completely change my life around and almost have my back support caught up. I am not afraid to admit my mistakes, but I have NEVER put my child in danger or used drugs (when I did use) around her or in-front of her or anything of that nature (I was nowhere near her or anyone else). Not making excuses for my behavior back then, just making sure that is clear!

I want to know if my ex-wife has grounds to prove me unfit from these past behaviors? I do not have a legal record or anything... never had to go to rehab to quit. Just sucked it up and quit on my own.

I believe it is in my daughter's best interest as she has expressed ever since I've moved that she and I maintain our relationship. We are very close and have a very awesome bond ever since she was born.

Either way, I will be interested in anyone who can honestly answer my question. Of course I know I have admitted to some "not so proud" moments of my life on here. I can appreciate anyone's disapproval of these poor decisions. I do ask that you please not forget that I (just like you) am human and make mistakes and have learned a great deal from those mistakes! Please no throwing stones! :-)