I have a bit of a problem, due to family history (1 cousin had colon cancer and my father died from it), I was sent to have a colonoscopy at 45 by my primary care physician.

That was 3 weeks ago and the insurance company which is a PPO by the way not an HMO has refused payment, not just once but twice. I'm about to go visit that claim adjuster and perform my own colonscopy with my arm as I take that route to choke them.

I pay a pretty steep premium for the level of policy I have and I expect to have routine and required stuff like this paid.

The doctors office is refusing to file the claim in the manner the insurance company wants it to be filled out, what the insurance company wants to pay it technically amounts to fraud. I'll be damned if I am paying this out of my pocket since I pay these premiums of over $300 a month. I am insured and will not pay it out of pocket.

Who do I sue if this ends up in collection.