I have a 13 year old daughter. Ten years ago I was granted sole custody in another state (that is a story in itself) but ended up moving to my home state, which is where her father lives also. I did this for her to be closer to family and him. I have never asked for an increase on child support and now he wants to claim her on his taxes (since he worked for cash one year) so he wants joint custody. He tells her its not fair for me to get that money and not him. Always puts guilt trips on her saying things like, "I can take you away from your mom because I make more money and can provide better for you". He has never wanted her to stay the summers with him before but last year guilted her into 5 straight weeks, she has never been away from home more than 1 week before and she hated it. And now this summer he told her she was coming for the whole summer. She did tell him she doesn't want to but he got really mad at her. Now she is scared he is going to be mean on her weekend visitation. My question is can he be doing all this or get away with any of it.