My X filed for divorce in 1998. I can't even count how many times I have been dragged to court. The last time was 9/4/09 where he agreed to pay $250. A week for child support instead of the court recommended $189.00 a week. Now a year later he is dragging me back to court to change the amount to the $189. The Magistrate asked him on 9/4 three separate times if he agreed to pay the $250. A week for child support and 3 times, my X said "yes". I have lost many unpaid days from work because of all of his games. He gets 5 weeks a year paid vacation, I only get 2. Not only have I lost days when I am summoned to court but also for the days where the amotional stress takes over. He is taking me to court this time because our 21 year old and 22 month old Grandson is living with him now. I supported both of them for the last 3 years with NO financial help from my X. Now he wants to lower my child support for our son because they are living with him. Can I sue him for the games he is playing at my expense??