The Children were removed from there mother in October 2009 and place in my care. DCFS have been involved 22 times in the last 6 years and now in children's court. 2 years ago there was a TDM safety Plan for her and husband. I was denied to participate because the case was not against me. Two years later and 18 police incidents they both were arrested but no charges were filed it was mutual combative. I cooperate with DCFS but my opinions are never taken to consideration. I have contacted board of supervisors they forward it to DCFS administrator, then AR DCFS and so on. My children are still being impacted.

Now DCFS received a call (the mother) in stating that Katia and I are being neglectfull false allegation. It is not the first time she has done this 4 years ago she stated I was forcing the children to watch porn. Ridiculous and now again I want to sue them so other famillies don't have to go through this. I want the funds go to establishing a Non-profit to raise awarness and change legislation and assign attorneys for parents who really are not abussing the children.