I have a friend who has a 9 week old daughter, whose wife has threatened to kill herself and has threatened to kill him and cut off his private parts. She has abused her medications. She put eye shadow on the baby when she was 7 weeks old. He is in the military... The social worker that he has spoken to over a month has told him that divorce is not an option that he is not thinking in the best interests of the child. The mother has called the police out to the residence on several occasions and they never take her. She is under psych care, but the doctor upped the doses of her meds, which she took within four days... a 30 days prescription, 100 mg of zoloft. She threatened to commit suicide the night before again and then called the police last night and said she was taking the baby and leaving. She is interested in witchcraft and looking for ghosts... This is a young couple. He wants to raise his little girl and to have full custody. His parents are at their wits end and live 8 hours away.