My daughter is about to turn four in October. Her biological father has not had any contact with us since she was 11 days old. He is not on the birth certificate and did not sign/fill out the paternity affidavit. I have paperwork showing my the refusal to fill the paternity affidavit out (on my part). My husband and I are looking to have her adopted and given his (my married) last name. He has been the only "father" she's had since just after her first birthday. This coming May we will have been married for 2 years, and I was not married to her biological father. My questions are: 1)what rights, if any, does the biological father have to her? 2)Do I need his consent in this adoption? 3)What requirements are needed in the adoption? 4) What will be the costs? 5) Do I have to have a lawyer?

I live in Indiana if that clarifies things. I know laws are difference elsewhere. All helps and suggestions are greatly appriciated. Thank you!