My wife and I split up about 9 months ago. We were together for 10 years. I helped raise my wife's daughter since she was 4, she is 14 now. Her bio father maybe saw her 4 times a month. According to step daughter it was less because most the time bio dad would have his parents watch her. Because of our marital problems step daughter decided she wanted to stay with bio dad to get away from all the arguing. Bio dad now has legal custody of daughter and now I am unable to see step daughter. For 10 years she was my daughter and now nothing. He claims he has no problem with me but every time I ask to see her there is always an excuse why I can't. She also has 2 brothers that live with me that she also can't see. Onee being 18 and the other 2 years of age. I know he is morally wrong what about legally?