I am trying to figure out where I can find paperwork on signing over my parental rights of a said child. The mother and I do not want anything to do with each other and we both agree that my signing over of my parental duties is what is best in the end. Now the child is in NJ and I can't seem to find any legal documentation as to how to go about this. We are trying to do this amongst ourselves as we do not want to have to get lawyers and all involved is there anyway that is possible? I also wanted to get paternity done just to make sure that I am signing over the rights to a child in which I actually fathered. This is the second child to the mother, in which her first one she also told me I was the father but went back and forth between it being my child and someone else's child at the same time. The child was put up for adoption in which I signed all legal documents and then found out through the mother that the child was not mine. Hence why I want to get paternity done for the second child stated in question due to the past of the mother I don't want to sign over anything that really is not my responsibility. Any information regarding this matter would be appreciated.